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Executive Director

Linda Bùi (she/her) is the Co-founder and Executive Director of GEM since 2013. GEM has been an empowering opportunity for Linda to work alongside BIPOC youth who are
passionate about creating change and safer spaces for youth of diverse backgrounds in their community. Linda graduated from Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School in Brampton and holds a B.A. in International Development from the University of Toronto Scarborough, where she completed a co-op placement with a women’s entrepreneurship program in Matara, Sri Lanka. In her spare time, Linda loves to curl up with a good cup of tea, binge-listen to podcasts and go on hikes all throughout the entire
year (yes, winter too!).

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Organizational Development Director

Sabbie is a director of organizational development for GEM and joined the organization in 2021. She holds a degree in interior design and is a certified EFL teacher. She has experience working as an interior designer and as an English teacher in South Korea. She now works as an illustrator and is a passionate advocate for art, education and building community. As a director for GEM, Sabbie hopes to empower youths to realize their own visions for their lives and communities. She looks forward to facilitating opportunities that encourage creativity, self-compassion and curiosity in Peel. In her spare time, Sabbie can be found buried in her sketchbook or exploring a new neck of the woods.


Organizational Development Director

Ashvi is the Director of Organizational Development in her 5th year at GEM’s. She is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Medical Radiation Sciences at McMaster
University. Her experience in GEMS has allowed her to engage, inspire and interact with women in her community, which she continues to do with her time in GEMs. Ashvi
is passionate about destigmatizing the feminist movement, and hopes to use her time through GEMs to further educate and uplift others in her community. Through mentorship, learning and unlearning, Ashvi is excited to contribute positively to the Peel community.



Programs & Initiatives Director

Chian is one of the two Directors for Programs and Initiatives. Chian has been a part of GEM for six
years. She has completed her degree in Early Childhood Education at St.Lawrence College. For Chian,
being a part of GEM has been such an amazing experience and incredible empowerment opportunity for her to connect with young girls in the community. She hopes as she grows with GEM that young girls within the community and outside the community will be inspired to fight and stand for what they believe in no matter what it is. Chian feels feminism is needed because we are just as worthy as
anyone else, and our voices are just as important.



Multimedia & Communications Director

Aleeza Arshad is beyond ecstatic to begin her second year as Multimedia and Communications Director at the Girls Empowerment Movement! She is currently an empowered second year
Medical Sciences student at Western University, and is continually looking for ways to bring about change in her community. Aleeza has been an advocate for women empowerment in
STEM and is passionate about addressing inequalities in medicine. She strives to use her platform to challenge the ‘status quo’, inspire others, and create a system that acts to benefit and support the marginalized. Aleeza is grateful to be a part of GEM and to be given a platform for women to support each other and build everlasting connections and friendships.

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Multimedia & Communications Director

Supria is the Multimedia & Communications Director on GEM. She graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and also holds certificates in Public Relations and Government Relations from UofT and Seneca College, respectively. As someone who has lived and worked in Peel Region, Supria is passionate about issues such as affordable housing, youth votership, and women’s representation in politics. She is thrilled to be a part of GEM, as it continues to provide an empowering space for youth in Peel Region to develop their skills and build lifelong connections in the community. She is reminded of Elle Woods’ words, “it is with passion, courage of conviction, and strong sense of self that we take our next steps into the world.”



Community Collaborations & Advocacy Director

Mahnoor is super excited to be for another amazing year at GEMs. She now serves as one of two Co-Directors of Community Collaborations and Advocacy team! She is a first-year Health Sciences student at McMaster University and is always searching for ways to bring change in the Peel region. Mahnoor has been an advocate for women's issues since her time in high-school and is passionate about the role that women and the LGTBQ+ community play in the arts and science. She works to see how their influence is different from the rest within the sciences, especially in medicine. She is thrilled to be able to make small differences in her community and continues to research the issues that revolve around women in STEAM. 



Community Collaborations & Advocacy Director

Nazneen joined GEM as a high school student in 2013 and currently serves as the Co-Director of Community Collaborations and Advocacy. She previously organized with Climate Justice Peel and various student movements at Carleton University, including Palestine solidarity, divestment/demilitarization campaigns, feminist, anti-racism and anti-Islamophobia initiatives. Nazneen has been blessed by many inspiring people in her life who’ve taught her the importance of uplifting and showing up for one another. She is on a healing journey to reclaim her body and spirit and hopes to continue to challenge the status quo while searching for new ways of knowing and becoming. She has a love-hate relationship with bees.


Organizational Development Coordinator

Janna is one of three Organizational Development Coordinators. She is a Grade 12 French Immersion student at Loyola Catholic Secondary School who is interested in pursuing a degree in Computer Science next year. It is her first year working with GEM and she is
excited to be a part of a community that inspires and supports women to reach their full potential in the midst of a COVID-19 recession. Janna looks forward to providing self-improving, confidence-building opportunities for women in their youth and learning more about her community.

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 Organizational Development Coordinator

Victoria is currently a first-year member of GEM who is a coordinator for the Organizational
Development (OD) Team. She is a grade 11 student from Peel Region who hopes to use her experiences with GEM to help in her post-secondary studies as she hopes to go into engineering. During her time with GEM, she hopes to make use of GEMship modules to help her in decisions regarding topics such as first jobs, post-secondary school, and financial literacy.



Programs & Initiatives Coordinator

Nivriti is one of the Programs and Initiatives Coordinators and this will be her third year with GEMs!. As a grade 12 student at St. Edmund Campion, Nivriti loves to design and lead programs aimed at women empowerment and GEM is the perfect place for her to be at. She hopes to design programs that help women to feel confident, explore their full potential, and beat the social stigmas prevalent around women in the world. Nivriti believes that women must be socially and professionally recognized as equivalent to men. As a student who has received several awards and gotten two of her poems published in national anthologies, she hopes to encourage, inspire and celebrate women in her community. She feels that women must be given an equal opportunity to pursue the kind of occupation that they want and is herself working towards a career in computer engineering which she feels is dominated by men.

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Programs & Initiatives Coordinator

Vithya is thrilled to be one of the coordinators on his year's Program and Initiatives team. Vithya is
an extroverted individual who enjoys making new friends. She is passionate about law, business, and social science, and hopes to extend her education in these fields. She hopes to use her skills in these sectors to help women realize their ambitions and rights through GEM. Vithya wishes to contribute to and be a part of positive change in her community and the world over the years.

Join the GEM Team


Programs & Initiatives Coordinator

Amanda is new to the team, recently joining GEM through the Programs & Initiatives team in 2021. She is currently a senior attending high school with a focus on visual arts and media arts. Through GEM, Amanda hopes to expand her knowledge on social problems and provide help for those in her community while gaining experience in a cooperative

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Multimedia & Communications Coordinator

**Bio to be added



Multimedia & Communications Coordinator

Ramneek is one of the three Communications and Multimedia Coordinators for Peel GEM this year. She is currently a Grade 12 IB student at Harold M. Brathwaite, with interests in STEM. Ramneek hopes to educate herself and others about the current issues women face in society, using her position at GEM. Through different social media platforms, she is looking forward to combat certain stigmas surrounding women, especially in the workplace. She believes that with adequate awareness, we will be able to make a change for women in our society, and Ramneek is excited to be a part of that change.


Programming & Initiatives Coordinator

Herleen is a part of the Programs and Initiatives Team. She is a Sci-Tech student at Chinguacousy Secondary School. She is fascinated by science, particularly biology. She believes that women should be recognised more for their contributions to science research and sports. Herleen believes that women should have the opportunity to have their voices heard so that they can serve as role models for young girls. During her first year at GEMS, she aspires to support women and assist them in overcoming social challenges. Herleen looks forward to being a part of GEMS this year.



Community & Collaborations Advocacy Coordinator

Ashnoor is one of the Community Collaborations & Advocacy Coordinators. This is her second year
on GEM. She is currently a grade 12 student at St. Edmund Campion. She believes that social justice
issues such as women empowerment are essential topics that should be discussed and is grateful to work alongside GEM to provide such opportunities. She has started a girl empowerment club at school to spread awareness and help the girls at her school gain confidence. She is eager to help bring the vision of equitable access to opportunities for youth. She hopes to use this opportunity to support women in her community and get inspired by the great mentors that she meets.



Community & Collaborations Advocacy Coordinator

Azbah Wasim is a Community Collaborations & Advocacy Coordinator for GEM this year. She is
currently a grade 12 student at Castlebrooke Secondary School and hopes to continue her post secondary education in the science field. She is extremely passionate about feminism and works alongside a variety of both community and international organizations to help spread such a message. Being born in a culture in which misogyny is quite the norm, she is committed to following her dreams and pursuing her life in a manner in which many may seem to be out of the norm with the help of the powerful women around her. Through GEM, she hopes to use her knowledge to advocate for the youth within her community. She hopes to share her knowledge and experiences with other members, while working alongside them to continue to support the women within the Peel community. She is excited to see what GEM has planned for this year and is thrilled to be a part of such a journey!



Community Collaborations & Advocacy Coordinator

Logina is currently a first-year coordinator on the communications and multimedia team at GEM. She is a grade 9 student at Port Credit Secondary School, she hopes
to educate herself and raise awareness of the problems in our society. She wishes for a world where everyone is seen as an equal, she hopes to contribute to this during her time at GEM.


Applications are currently closed. Please stay connected on our Social Media pages or email us to get updates about joining the 2021-2022 cohort!

~ GEM acknowledges that our work is situated on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabe, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee, the Métis, and most recently, the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation covered by Treaties 14 and 19 ~

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